Lipedema is a relatively common fat distribution disorder that occurs mostly in women. The suspected cause is a hormonal change as lipedema tends to occur during puberty, pregnancy or menopause. It often results in weight gain and painful fat deposits of the arms and legs. Slim women can also be affected by the diet-resistant fat deposits. Conservative treatments, such as lymphatic drainage massages or exercise therapy and the use of compression garments usually only provide temporary relief. Liposuction can often permanently reduce the suffering in the affected areas.

Liposuction for treating lipedema

With liposuction we can remove the excess fat locally. The surgery is done under general anaesthesia. The fat cells are taken out by suction in a gentle procedure. The treatment will enhance the shape of the affected areas, for example hips, legs and arms.

The liposuction effect is not only a significant reduction in volume of the affected area or limb, but also pain relief of that region. As a result, less water can be stored in the affected connective tissue and the overall tissue pressure decreases. This, in turn, can almost completely alleviate all related complaints, paving the way for a significant improvement in your quality of life.

A compression garment must be worn for 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. You should refrain from physical activity during this time. The treatment result is regularly monitored.

Before your surgery, we will book you in for an initial consultation to discuss your expectations and explain the risks.