Full lips look attractive and young. With age, the lips lose volume and contour. Some lips are also genetically very thin. A lip lift will add volume to your lips to create harmonious proportions.

Fuller lips with hyaluronic acid – without surgery

A non-surgical lip lift with hyaluronic acid can achieve an aesthetically balanced look. The filler is carefully injected into the lip to give your lips a natural contour that harmonises with the rest of the face. Naturally, we will give our full attention to your individual wishes.

After the treatment, you can go about your everyday life as usual. However, the lips may still be swollen in the first few days. The filler will be completely broken down by the body over time. The result lasts for about 6 to 9 months. The treatment can be refreshed regularly as required.

Lip augmentation with fat transfer

Lip augmentation with fat transfer (lipofilling) involves harvesting the body’s own fat tissue and injecting it into the lips. This is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in local or general anaesthesia. An additional positive effect of lipofilling is the overall rejuvenation of the treated area. The latest studies show that autologous fat contains the highest proportion of stem cells in body. This means that the entire surrounding tissue is rejuvenated and revitalised. The same applies for fat injections in other parts of the face or body.
After the treatment, there may be a swelling that lasts longer than a lip lift with hyaluronic acid. When the fat heals the effect will be permanent.

Lip shortening/Lip reduction

Lip shortening may be a viable option if you have a longer than normal distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip (long upper lip). The cause is often genetic. However, long years of excessive treatment with hyaluronic acid or other fillers can also lead to this phenomenon. It is often wrongly assumed that this problem cannot be fixed causing a permanent suffering of the patient.
This simple surgical procedure removes a few millimetres of excess skin from beneath the nostril (bullhorn lip lift)causing the long distance between nose and upper lip to decrease. The resulting scar is barely visible after healing. Another positive effect is the eversion (turning slightly outwards) of the upper lip, which makes the lip appear more voluminous and emphasises the smile.
Some people have very large or thick lips that do not match the overall proportions of the face. With lip reduction surgery, we make the lips smaller. This procedure involves removing excess tissue from the inside of the lips to reduce the size. We close the incision on the inside of the lip, using self-dissolving stitches, so that there are no visible scars. The procedure can be done under local anaesthesia.