Intimate shaving has increased significantly in recent years exposing the female genital area. As a result, anomalies and signs of natural ageing on the labia are clearly visible. It is only natural that women who are affected by certain intimate conditions may suffer as a result. Furthermore, if the outer labia sag and no longer cover the inner ones, they may no longer be able to fulfil their physiological protective function. This, in turn, can lead to recurring infections, a dry vagina and inflammation.

Outer labia correction with fat injection

The lack of volume in the outer labia can be augmented through an injection of your own fat, with a long-lasting effect. First, a small amount of fat is taken out from another part of the body and prepared. It is then injected into in the outer labia to volumize them. There are usually no visible scars.

What precautions should I take after my labia augmentation with fat injection surgery?

In the first few days after surgery, there may be swelling, which will subside on its own. You should allow yourself rest and not wear tight clothing. You will be able go back to work after a few days. However, you should refrain from sport for about 4 weeks and abstain from sexual activity for four to 6 weeks.