Wrinkles inevitably appear on the face at some stage in our lives. This natural ageing process can dramatically change the way we look. In addition to the face, the neck also becomes wrinkled. Volume losses and sagging connective tissues also appear in the face and neck areas, making the face look older. If you would like to give your face a more youthful glow, we can bring the sagging areas back to their original position with a combined face and necklift. The procedure involves removing excess skin to give you a significantly younger, fresher look. A facelift is the ideal treatment for deep nasolabial folds (laugh lines), marionette lines and hamster cheeks (Jowls) to emphasise the contour of the lower jaw.

The result usually lasts for years (approx. 10 to 15 years). A facelift can be combined with other treatments, such as an eyelid lift or wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid.

Before your surgery, we will book you in for an initial consultation to discuss your expectations and explain the risks.

What happens during facelift surgery?

During the facelift surgery, excess facial skin and muscle fascia is removed and repositioned respectively. An incision is made along the base of the ear to remove the excess tissue. The incision begins in the hairline at the temples, runs down in front of the ear, continues behind the ear and ends in the lower scalp. This allows also tightening the neck. The structures under the skin (SMAS) are raised (lifting) and the facial skin is tightened. The resulting scars are barely visible after healing, they are hidden in the hairline and natural creases of the ear.

A facelift takes three to five hours, depending on the scope of the procedure and is done under general anaesthesia. An overnight stay is required.

After about 2 weeks, you will be able to resume normal social activities. The stitches will be removed after 1-2 weeks.